Membership Policy

This Policy arranges the subscription process between HyperbaricMed and its members. The Membership Policy is necessary in order to create a vibrant and productive community. These rules of conduct and community standards are necessary to determine appropriate behavior and communication. Unless expressly provided in a specific legal notice in HyperbaricMed, this Policy constitutes the agreement between subscribers and HyperbaricMed regarding the subscription.
HyperbaricMed.Com involves a one-time 7-day free trial plan and annual membership¬†(for treatment centers: 250 USD/Year, for manufacturers: 350 USD/Year). On the Product EXPO directory, only registered manufacturers’ products will be exhibited. You can try HyperbaricMed by using the free full-function trial plan. Your listing will also be published during the user’s trial period. If you want to switch to a paid membership, you can request the necessary information for payment via email from us. There is no membership fee for charity organizations that provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy and for some very special situations (HyperbaricMed determines).
Payment Process
Paid membership fees are collected from you only by bank (wire) transfer due to controlled membership and security concerns. It is necessary to learn in advance the transfer service deduction or other fees (which also belong to the subscriber) from the money to be transferred, in order to calculate the correct amount to be transferred.
Membership Period
The paid membership period starts immediately after the required payment amount appears in our account. We will notify you by email that your membership has started. For the normal flow of the paid subscription process, it is important that you send us the document or printout (by email) showing that you have made the payment.
Cancellations and Refunds
If you sign up for a free trial, you may cancel at any time during the free trial period and incur no charge. Any paid subscription may be canceled at any time but are not eligible for a refund. Cancellations may be made by email via the contact information below on the Website.

Last updated on March 23, 2022
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