Hyperbaric Chambers

Researchers used pressure (hyperbaric) chambers for the first time in underwater and Caisson studies. Today, experts use pressure chambers for pressure testing for divers, diver training, dive simulation, surface decompression during underwater work, and patient transfer. Scientists also actively use hyperbaric oxygen chambers to treat decompression sickness, gas embolism, and in various underwater research.

Another area where hyperbaric chambers are in use is hyperbaric medicine. This use is related to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) applications. In addition, some design and equipment arrangements suitable for medical purposes inside and outside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber have allowed doctors to use pressure chambers for other diseases for treatment purposes as well.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers that doctors use for HBOT in hospitals, clinics, and centers are single-person (monoplace) or multi-person (multiplace). Monoplace chambers are designed to treat only one person at a time. In multi-person chambers, on the other hand, it is possible to treat many people in the same session, depending on the design of the chamber. There are types of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, depending on the design, in which doctors can treat intensive care patients and even surgeons can operate in them.

Hyperbaric chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy differ in accordance with the purpose of the health unit, treatment protocols, and treatment policy. For example, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that doctors will only use for chronic diseases and outpatient treatment differs from a chamber that aims to treat complicated acute cases with multisystem involvement.

Pressure chambers can accommodate different operating systems, depending on whether single or multi-person. The high-pressure system, breathing gas and exhaust systems, ventilation device, communication device, and control console are available in all current hyperbaric chamber types. In addition to these, there are lighting systems, patient monitoring, ambient air conditioning unit, and fire extinguishing system in multi-person chambers.

Whether the hyperbaric oxygen chambers are single or multi-person, various reputable local and international organizations have bound their production to certain rules. Thus, certain standards have emerged for the materials, design, construction, inspection, testing, and equipment that manufacturers will use for the production of pressure chambers. The certification process determined by these institutions in terms of medical and technical aspects has become a necessity for manufacturers.