Editorial Policy

Our mission is to provide you with up-to-date, objective, and accurate information as possible. Our goal is to make HyperbaricMed your practical and relevant source of content on hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). We strive to provide information on very specific health issues and we rely on our reader to choose what information is most appropriate for him. However, the original content we provide is never intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For questions and problems regarding a medical condition always contact your doctor or qualified healthcare provider.
Understandable Hyperbaric Medicine Info
HyperbaricMed stands out as an easy-to-understand and multidisciplinary source of information on issues related to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a specific field of medicine. HyperbaricMed sheds light based on medical tools and procedures such as “Hyperbaric Chambers”, “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”, “Emergency HBOT”. In addition, HyperbaricMed attaches importance to the awareness of “Oxygen Toxicity”, “Decompression Sickness” and health trends towards the medical uses of hyperbaric oxygen.
Reputable Reference Resources
HyperbaricMed addresses health issues that would require hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). In this respect, HyperbaricMed emphasizes the clinical knowledge of experts in managing related health problems and conditions. It conveys current medical approaches of reputable medical resources and centers on hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to its readers.
Multidisciplinary Clinical Approach
Within the Content of HyperbaricMed, there are also contributions of various other health experts related to the subject. The content includes the impressions, views, and experiences of these people on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy during the treatment process. HyperbaricMed delivers personal clinical analysis of healthcare professionals firsthand to its readers.
Multidisciplinary Editorial Process
Each completed HyperbaricMed Content to be published is reviewed once by various healthcare professionals for the reader to easily understand, to include common situations in the clinic, and to handle the issue with a multidisciplinary approach. Later, Content is published in HyperbaricMed after it is reviewed and edited in terms of style, flow, and punctuation. HyperbaricMed is always one step ahead with maximum understandable specific content that has been researched in many ways, taking into account various possible situations.
Independent Editorial Process
HyperbaricMed is the leading provider of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) information services serving users and healthcare professionals. Health content on HyperbaricMed is not affected by advertisers and other sources. The healthcare professional (“Health Content Provider”) who provides the content to HyperbaricMed in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) must fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest with any sponsor or vendor.
Health Content Providers
HyperbaricMed publishes Health Content Provider’s content on health issues related to HyperbaricMed on HyperbaricMed. “Health Content Provider” is a qualified healthcare professional who provides the content to HyperbaricMed. HyperbaricMed reviews the content of the Health Content Provider for consistency with the HyperbaricMed Editorial Policy and other policies.
Educational Collaborations
HyperbaricMed can work with government, nonprofits, or associations whose aim is to educate the public about health issues or issues to create content on health issues that concern HyperbaricMed. Content is created by them or in collaboration with HyperbaricMed, then edited and approved by HyperbaricMed Health Editors. Like all content of HyperbaricMed, these contents are subject to HyperbaricMed Editorial policy and other policies. In these cases, HyperbaricMed places descriptive text on the content page to let the user know that this content was created by or in collaboration with the organization or association HyperbaricMed works.
Third-Party Financing
Third parties may fund the creation of original content to be published on HyperbaricMed. In such cases, the third party may work with HyperbaricMed on an issue that has been agreed with HyperbaricMed. However, the content will be produced under the HyperbaricMed Editorial Policy and other policies and will have no control over third-party content. These third parties may request HyperbaricMed to include the text of the disclosure statement that the Content they fund is supported by them on the content page. This explanatory text cannot be intended to make any changes to the content.
As explained in more detail in our Advertising Policy, HyperbaricMed accepts third-party advertisements and Ads created or provided by an Advertiser from the Advertiser. These ads, which can appear as text paragraphs, banners, thumbnail pictures, badges, or other types of text or pictures, appear next to the editorial content. These advertisements are labeled as “From Our Sponsor”, “By our Sponsor”, “Provided by our Sponsor”, “From our Sponsor” or “Sponsored Content”. Regardless of the form of an ad, the advertiser is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of its Ads and is subject to the HyperbaricMed Advertising Policy. Ads are not reviewed by HyperbaricMed and are not subject to this Editorial Policy.

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